We have 3 components that are EOL in Walkair, please instruct how to handle:

VG0029 National LP3966ESX-5.0NOPB used in BM of TS1300 W1K. Suggested alternative is Micrel MIC29301-5.0WU (M013021)
IG0063 Fairchaild 74LVT2245MTCX used in QBRI TS-BU W1K. Suggested alternative is Fairchild 74LVTH2245MTCX
IC0148 Spansion AM79C875KD used in BS BM W3K & TS-BU W3K. Still no alternative found.
For addition we’ve got very long delivery time for TR0010 that delays our deliveries in Q3 (used in W1K E1 75/120 and W3K 4E1 interface). According to component engineer Mfg Pulse T1144 can match (datasheet attached). Please advice if we can use it as alternative.